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Wichita Auto Auction LLC is acting only as an agent on a commission basis. WE DO NOT HAVE INSURANCE ON YOUR CAR. All Purchases must be paid for by "NOON" the day following the sale. All rejects must be approved by management the night of sale. Failure to do so forfeits required deposited day of sale. All cars must be paid in full before leaving premises. 



30 Days or 1,000 miles whichever occurs first from date of purchase engine, transmission, differential internal parts only. Repairs must be made in shop authorized by Wichita Auto Auction.



1.  Bidding on vehicles implies an understanding of legal obligations and that you have read and understand all stated rules and regulations. If you have any questions, please ask a staff member before bidding

2. look over and know what you are bidding on

3. All vehicles must be paid in full before leaving the premises. By bidding on any vehicles and signing the auction contract, you are legally obligated to and bound by the contract and all rules and regulations of the Auction Company. If you fail to pay in full for any vehicle, you subject yourself to legal action to recover the cost of the vehicle and all legal fees incurred by the Auction Company.

4. Light System Guidelines:



5. Management of Auction Company has right to accept and reject any and all bids. 

6. Auction Company reserves the right to settle all disputes involving bids on any sale. 

7. You must be 18 years of age to purchase any vehicles at this auction. 

8. No single contract is considered settled until all contracts entered in, on this sale, and any previous sales have been settled in full.

9. Outside Sale (a sale conducted between buyer/seller on auction property & fees not paid) are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Anyone conducting such a sale will be escorted off auction grounds & NOT ALLOWED BACK.


10. All dealers must be registered with WAA prior to conducting transactions with WAA.


12. Any registration information (ie. Ownership, authorized buyers, bank, etc.) must be recorded with WAA and WAA Forms.


13. WAA reserves the right to refuse anyone the use of its services.


14. The consignor/buyer, as the case may be, bears all risk of loss or damage from fire, theft, flood, acts of god, or from any cause whatsoever. Under no circumstances shall WAA have any liability for such loss or damage.

15. Buyers and sellers agree to indemnify and hold harmless WAA from any claim made against it or arising from transactions at this auction.

16. Should a dealership owner or representative (buyer, driver, detailer, etc.) cause any damage to any vehicle on auction premises, the dealership is liable for all damage and associated repair costs. Failure to honor this responsibility will result in loss of auction privileges and possible civil action.

17. Should a dealership owner or representative be responsible for the damage to another customer’s vehicle, the auction will perform the repairs and bill the responsible dealer at standard auction rates (lower than standard “street”/ retail rates) to insure quality repairs for the vehicle owner. Any other arrangement would require the approval of both the responsible dealer and vehicle owner.

18. Should any auction employee cause damage to a customer’s vehicle, the auction or its insurance company will be responsible for repairs to that vehicle. Under no circumstances will the auction purchase the vehicle or be responsible for any loss in value (whether real or “assumed”) of the vehicle. Auction and its insurance company will not be responsible for damage not caused directly by one of its employees (wear and tear and mechanical conditions included.)

19. Should the auction be responsible for damages to any vehicle, liability is limited to the auction repairing the vehicle to the customer’s satisfaction or cutting a check to the vehicle owner for estimated repairs calculated at auction cost (not retail repair value).

20. WAA reserves the rights to hold any and all vehicles within its possession from any and all buyers or sellers in which to satisfy any and all debts or claims which WAA may have upon said dealer or buyer. 

21. WAA retains the rights to sell any and all vehicles held within its possession and may apply said proceeds from sale to satisfy any and all debts or claims which it may have against buyers or sellers.

22. All sales are subject to final approval through auction management.


23. Auction reserves the right to access credit reporting agencies to obtain and verify credit history.

24. Retail customers and/or guests (including drivers, mechanics, etc.) are prohibited on sale days. Auction Management reserves the right to issue passes to immediate family or employees. Customers, mechanics, or anyone else needing to accompany a dealer/ auction cardholder on non-sale days may do so, with the full understanding that the dealer is 100% responsible for their actions and any damage caused!


25. Auction reserves the right to search and inspect any packages and/ or vehicles entering or leaving auction premises. 

Arbitration Policy

Subject to Arbitration-Day of Sale Only

  • Frame damage or frame repairs must be announced. Frame damage or frame repair (not including frame damage resulting from normal use:  scratches, scrapes, jack or lift marks, not resulting from an accident) must be reported to the auction within 3 days after purchase.  

  • Air Bags Deployed – Day of Sale Only – No arbitration for Air Bag Light

  • Drive – trains on front wheel drive and four wheel drive. 

  • Any arbitration price adjustment eliminates arbitration for further mechanical defects.

  • No arbitration on the following: Power accessories – computer control units, radios – stereo systems, cruise control, front ends, back lash, convertible tops, CV joints, air conditioning, or brake wear.

  • Any units unsafe to drive is rejectable

  • The auction will not be responsible for transportation or other expense on a returned vehicle

  • Motor – Transmission – Rear End Noise

  • Speedometer and odometer not working – Day of sale ONLY

  • Cam Phasers on all Ford F Series.

  • No arbitration Differential Noise on Chrysler Products.

  • No arbitration Lifter Noise

  • No arbitration Blow By or Oil Leaks on vehicles over 30,000

Odometer Policy

Sellers must announce from auction block the following:

  • If odometer is not working properly

  • If he/she  has any knowledge that mileage on vehicle is different than mileage on odometer (not actual miles).

  • Mileage in excess of mechanical limits

  • Broken odometers, not actual miles, and mileage in excess on mechanical limits are specific conditions, and must be announced as separate conditions at the time of the sale as the condition warrants.

  • Odometer readings must be in mileage, not kilometers

  • Vehicles ten years or older – mileage is EXEMPT. The auction will not become involved in mileage disputes on exempt vehicles

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